W.T. Gladden, President
    Kyle Hindman, V.P.
Steve Bales
    Larry Vanderwey

    Jason Hardison

    Noel Carter
        General Manager

    Janet Sims
        Office Manager
    Adam Hardin
        Water Master

Serving the Buckeye Valley since 1885

BWCDD is an irrigation District with the power of drainage. The primary purpose of the BWCDD is to assist agricultural endeavors by supplying irrigation water and power. It is also organized to protect farmland from alkali damage by running drainage wells. Secondary purposes include providing flood irrigation to homes and construction water to contractors. All power and water are sold within the District boundaries that encompass nearly 22,000 acres (per Maricopa County Assessor’s Office). Other endeavors may be undertaken to support these purposes.

Founded in 1922, the BWCDD operates the Buckeye Canal, which was founded in 1885. The canal brought settlers to the Buckeye Valley and is the namesake for the Valley and the Town of Buckeye.

Composite History of the Buckeye Canal