2020 Residential Watering Schedule

Listed below is the upcoming watering schedule for the year. Just as a reminder, water for residential yards will be available every two weeks (excluding Dry-Up).

Flood irrigation provides for lush vibrant lawns with less frequency. Due to the nature of flood irrigation, the deep watering stimulates a deeper root system and a healthier lawn. Typically, a watering schedule of once per month in the winter and every two to three weeks in the summer will be sufficient for the results you are looking to achieve.

By having a consistent two week schedule, it will also allow us to schedule around the farmers. It will also prove to be a more efficient use of water, with more being absorbed into the soil and less running off into the drains. As always, water deliveries are determined by lateral availability.

Sign-up sheets will continue to be picked up by Thursday morning on the weekend that water will be delivered. Orders must be placed on the sheet prior to pick-up. No new orders will be added once the sheet had been picked up.

A new addition to the sign-up sheets is that each sheet is numbered with the corresponding watering schedule. We have included this because we experienced problems with people signing up on the wrong sheet, since there were usually multiple sheets in the box. Now, each watering schedule is numbered and they correspond to the schedule at the front of the sign-up box (and to the right). We have placed all of the sign-up sheets in the box for the year. This will allow you to sign up for the whole year if you so desire to ensure that you do not miss a watering. Even though we do not accept new orders after the sheets have been picked up, we do acknowledge cancellations with proper notification prior to the scheduled run times. This means contacting either your zanjero or the office at least 24 hours in advance unless there is an emergency or weather related cancellation. If your box is missing any sheets, please contact the office at 623-386-2196.

Scheduling within the community for irrigation delivery is determined by homeowners within the community you are in. The District merely delivers water to the high point of the property for the duration listed on the signup sheet. If you have questions regarding your run time, consult your neighbors.