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Sustainable Farming in the Desert

The Colorado River provides water to portions of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, nearly all of Arizona, and Mexico. Split into the upper and lower basins by the 1922 Colorado River Compact, Lake Mead, the lower basin of the Colorado River, supplies water exclusively to Arizona, California, Nevada, and Mexico. At its maximum, […]
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Colorado River Shortage

For years the Colorado River has been a primary source of water for the Western United States. By supplying water for both the Lake Powell and Lake Mead reservoirs, this single river has been responsible for providing water to seven states (Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico), 30 Native American tribes, and […]
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Arizona Water History

Out of the need to maintain and grow, Arizona has become a renowned leader in water management. Thanks to careful planning over the years and effective decision-making, we have been able to benefit from our most valuable resource. The history of Arizona water is one that dates back centuries as lawmakers worked to ensure that […]
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