Water Delivery Guidelines

2023 Dry-Up 2024 Watering Schedule

Pro-Rate Policy:

Due to many questions and confusion regarding how BWCDD operates within pro-rate; it is the prerogative of the Board of Directors to implement a detailed Pro-Rate Policy that encompasses the position of how BWCDD will deliver irrigation water to our customers in a manner that shows no favoritism or special treatment to one customer or the other.

Pro-Rate Schedule:

A customer’s Pro-Rate schedule will be tracked on a 21-day cycle beginning the first of each year upon delivery of the customer’s initial head of water ordered. In other words, if a customer orders water on January 5th and receives water on January 6th, the 21-day cycle begins on the 6th. Our system will track that 21-day cycle all year for each customer.

Constant Flow/Non-Constant Flow:

Constant flow customers are those that farm 500+ acres and Non-Constant flow customers are those that farm under 500 acres. All customers are in Pro-Rate regardless of flow status. Constant flow customers only have priority if they comply with the policies of Pro-Rate. Lateral capacity will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, subject to this Pro-Rate Policy.

Scheduling Water:

  1. New Orders:
    Water orders must be called into the office no later than 2:30pm the day before. The Zanjeros schedule orders at 2:00. If your order is in after they schedule, your order will NOT be scheduled until the following day. Water orders are a first come, first served basis.
  2. Transfers:
    BWCDD requires a 12-hour notice of gate/lateral transfer. All transfers must be called into the office 12 hours prior to estimated transfer time. Calling the Zanjero’s cell phone is not an acceptable means of notice. If the customer fails to give a 12-hour notice, it is possible that a short run maybe placed in the lateral before your transfer, at the Water Master’s discretion. This policy goes for both Constant and Non-Constant flow customers.
  3. Shut Off:
    BWCDD requires a 12-hour notice of shut off. Customers or their irrigators must call into the office 12 hours before desired shut off time. If the customer or their irrigator fail to call in a shut off, the customer may accrue additional charges under BWCDD’s 12-Hour Rule. Additionally, BWCDD requires all actual shut-off times called into the office.

12-Hour Rule:

BWCDD has implemented this policy to ensure adequate notice of water shut off has been given by the customer. If a customer fails to give a 12-hour notice of shut off, or fails to call notice of shut off into the office, then that customer will customer will incur a full 12-hour run charge. Calling the Zanjero’s cell phone is not an acceptable means of call in/notice. If a customer calls in the 12-hour notice but fails to call in actual shut off time, the customer may incur an additional 12-hour run charge at the Water Masters discretion.

24-Hour Water Run Extension:

There will be days during pro-rate where supply exceeds demand, and therefore, water may be available, even to those who are over their pro-rate amount. If this occurs, BWCDD will give a customer the option for a 24-hour extension only if the criteria listed below is met. There is no exception to the criteria. If one item is not met the customer will not receive the extension. This extension works for Constant and Non-constant flow customers.

  1. An extra head of water must be available.
  2. The Lateral being requested for extension has not been scheduled to another customer. This does not allow a constant flow customer to prevent a non-constant flow customer from getting in a lateral.
  3. Customers will be subject to the 72-hour rule.
  4. This is only available at the discretion of the Water Master.

This policy does not give a guaranteed 24-hour run. If Demand begins to supersede supply BWCDD reserves the right to withdraw (take back) this head of water. If this happens the Zanjero will notify the customer that the District is taking back the water or some instances just reducing the head.

72-Hour Rule:

To prevent a customer from monopolizing a lateral, BWCDD allows a customer to request a lateral if another customer has been in the lateral for 72 hours.

A customer will be able call on a lateral only after the customer currently in the lateral has been running for 72 hours. At that point, the customer in the lateral has 24 hours to give up the lateral.

Short Runs:

Short runs are water orders that will not exceed 12 hours. If a Constant flow customer calls in a transfer time and the lateral/gate being transferred to will be open for the 12 hours between transfers, a short run may be placed in said lateral/gate. The short run customer (Non-Constant flow) shall not exceed the 12-hour mark to allow the transfer of the Constant flow order.

BWCDD appreciates all our customers, therefore we strive to manage this District in a manner that will accommodate our customers as fair as possible without overextending our staff. Pro-Rate is a particularly rough time for all customers. However, if the policies of the District are not met it makes the rough times even more trying. Please call all orders into the BWCDD office at (623) 386-2196. Delivery issues please contact our Water Master: Adam Hardin @ (623) 687-4003

Thank you for your patience during this implementation.


Noel Carter,
General Manager

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