Irrigation Information

While BWCDD is primarily an agricultural water provider, we still happily supply water for homeowners to irrigate their yards. As part of our system to minimize costs and provide adequate water, we currently run a residential irrigation schedule to supply water every other weekend.

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Why Irrigation?

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Irrigation goes deep in the roots for a healthier lawn
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Deep root watering is more beneficial for well-established vegetation
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Fraction of the cost to irrigate with city or well water
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Irrigation is more efficient and reduces the need to water frequently
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Irrigation is more efficient and means watering less often


Irrigation Sign-Up Sheet

Irrigation sign-up sheets are picked up Thursday prior to scheduled irrigation weekend.

How it works

Community Water Delivery Guidelines

  1. Homeowners living in a community with a sign-up box shall be required to sign up for each week that they wish to receive water.
  2.  You must have an account set up with Buckeye Water Conservation and Drainage District, have your assessments paid up and have available funds in the account prior to receiving irrigation water.
  3.  The homeowner must sign-up by Wednesday night, with the volume of water needed.
    • The volume is determined by the number of miner inches times the length of the run (40 miner inches = 1 cubic foot per second).
    • Minimum head size is 100 miner inches.
    • One head size change will be allowed throughout the duration of the run.
    • The sign-up shall be in ink and accompanied by the homeowner’s initials.
    • Homeowners will be charged for the amount they signed up for, regardless
      of their length of run.
  4.  The sign-up sheets shall be picked up Thursday morning.
    •  Anyone not signed-up by that time will not be added later and shall not receive water for that week.
    •  Anyone who has a delinquent account will be struck from the sign-up sheet and that time will not be factored into the total run.
  5.  Sign-up sheets will be returned by Thursday afternoon with the start and stop times for that community.
    •  It is the community’s responsibility to coordinate the order in which everyone that signed up will receive their water.
    • We will not advise, recommend or coordinate the order for any community with a sign-up box
    •  We will only communicate with one person within or appointed by the community for the delivery of the water.
  6.  Water deliveries shall be from the canal to the laterals to the historical highpoint.
  7. Water deliveries will be made available from Thursday night until Monday, based on the water and lateral availability.
  8. Rules subject to change at a later date by board approval.

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